- Do you want to learn how to tap into your intuitive wisdom so that your your inner knowing emerges and you can live life to the fullest everyday?  

- Are you passionate about developing yourself and others so everyone can shine their brilliance? 

- Do you want to learn how positive Psychology, Neuroscience, NLP and ancient wisdom have been blended together to create a powerful modality?

- Do you want to know how to harness your inner power and help others to harness theirs, so you can overcome challenges and achieve your goals and dreams?  

- Based on cutting edge neuroscience research evidencing the prime functions and highest expressions of our multiple brains, this powerful and life changing coaching modality is a must for anyone wanting to assist yourself and others in fulfilling their highest potential

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This is suitable for 

  • coaches 
  • leaders
  • educators
  • therapists
  • mentors
  • people who are passionate about developing themselves and  developing others 

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Monday 12th September 12-1 pm