Coaching and Leading with the neuroscience of your multiple brains for wiser decision making, achieving goals, behaviour change and fulfilling your potential 

Do you work with people who;

  • struggle to take action even when they have set goals and have a plan? 
  • self sabotage even though they know what to do to break their self defeating habits? 
  • have inner conflicts and turmoil that prevents them from making decisions or moving forwards? 
  • are stuck in a rut or feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious and can't seem to break their negative cycle of thinking, feeling and behaving? 
  • struggle to connect with others or have positive relationships? 
  • find emotional regulation hard and are reactive rather than responsive. 

As a coach, therapist, mentor, leader or Educator you have people at the heart of what you do and helping them to fulfil their highest potential is important to you, right? 

The problem is though that sometimes you feel that there is something missing in your toolkit as some people seem to stay stuck, or they make progress and then sabotage it. 

⚡️ What if you had a coaching modality that completed your toolkit and exponentially transformed your coaching and leadership results?

⚡️ Imagine the possibilities for the people you support when they are finally able to BREAK FREE from all that is holding them back.

How would this transform your work as a coach/leader, and how much of a bigger impact could you make in the lives of the people that you help? 

 mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques) is a powerful and life changing coaching modality that blends

  • Positive Psychology
  • Neuroscience
  • NLP
  • ancient wisdom
  • and behavioural modelling that coaches to emergent wisdom and brings about deep lasting changing.   

Based on cutting edge neuroscience research evidencing the prime functions and highest expressions of our multiple brains, this powerful and life changing coaching modality is a must for anyone wanting to assist others in fulfilling their highest potential

JOIN ME FOR THIS FREE 30 minute SESSION where I will be introducing you to this powerful coaching modality that has the potential to exponentially enhance yours and others lives. 

This is suitable for 

  • coaches 
  • leaders
  • educators
  • therapists
  • mentors
  • people who are passionate about developing themselves and  developing others 

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Wednesday 18th October at 10am

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